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qPCR Products

-Validated primers and reagents for qPCR of genes and miRNAs

Gene qPCR arrays
ExProfile™ Pathway Gene qPCR Arrays
ExProfile™ Custom Gene qPCR Arrays
ExProfile™ Cancer Gene qPCR Arrays
  miRNA qPCR arrays
miProfile™ miRNome miRNA qPCR Arrays
miProfile™ Disease and Focus-Group miRNA qPCR Arrays
miProfile™ Custom miRNA qPCR Arrays
miProfile™ Cancer miRNA qPCR Arrays
Gene qPCR primers and reagent kits
All-in-One™ First-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit
All-in-One™ qPCR Mix and Validated Primers
miRNA qPCR primers and reagent kits
All-in-One™ miRNA qRT-PCR Reagent Kits and Validated Primers
Nucleic acid isolation
RNAzol® RT RNA Isolation Reagent