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Expression Profiling & Analysis

GeneCopoeia offers qPCR mix and arrays for the study of gene expression, mass screening, microarray validation and pathogen detection; and miRNA qPCR mix and arrays for miRNA profiling, quantification, validation and functional analysis


qPCR Mix and Primers
  • Detect as low as 5      copies of DNA
  • High amplification      efficiency
  • Gene qPCR Assays

    High-throughput profiling of gene expression

    cDNA Synthesis Kit

    Efficient cDNA synthesis from most any source

    miRNA qPCR Mix and Primers
  • Detect as little as 10 pg of      small RNA
  • Detect only mature miRNA
  • miRNA qPCR Arrays

    High-throughput profiling of miRNA expression

    RNA isolation reagent

    Isolate pure and undegraded RNA at high yield