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Luciferase reporter products Single or dual...
Luciferase reporter products

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Explore a variety of luciferase reporter products from GeneCopoeia.

MicroRNA 3'UTR target clones Firefly or Gaussia Luciferase microRNA 3' UTR target clones ─ 10% discount

Validate your microRNA targets with dual reporter (Firefly & Renilla luciferase; Gaussia luciferase and Alkaline phosphatase) 3' UTR target expression clones.
miR dual luciferase assay kit miR dual luciferase (Renilla and Gaussia) assay kit ─ 20% off* when purchased with clone

Validate your microRNA targets with dual luciferase reporter 3' UTR target expression clones for genome-wide human, mouse and rat 3' UTRs.
miR dual luciferase assay kit Secreted Gaussia Luciferase promoter reporter clones

Detect real-time activities of promoters using live cell assays with secreted Gaussia Luciferase reporter promoter clones. Available in single or dual reporter vectors.
miR dual luciferase assay kit Dual luminiscence (Gaussia luciferase and SEAP) assay kit ─ 20% off* when purchased with clone

Analyze the activities of secreted Gaussia Luciferase and Alkaline phosphatase simultaneously using the same sample from the cell culture medium.
*Discount applicable when purchased together with compatible miRNA 3' UTR target or promoter clones SEAP –Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase

Publication highlights

Iliopoulos, D. et al. (2011) ) Inhibition of miR-193a expression by Max and RXRα activates K-Ras and PLAU to mediate distinct aspects of cellular transformation. Cancer Research (71) doi: 10.1158/0008-5472 [3' UTR of K-Ras]

Smith, P.Y. et al. (2011) MicroRNA-132 loss is associated with tau exon 10 inclusion in progressive supranuclear palsy. Human Molecular Genetics 15 (20)
[3' UTR of mouse PTBP2 or PTBP1]

Lu Z. et al. (2011) miR-301a as an NF-jB activator in pancreatic cancer cells. The EMBO Journal 30, 57-67 doi:10.1038/emboj.2010.296 [miRNA library]

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