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cDNA Clone Lowest Price Guaranteed

ORF clone price match

GeneCopoeia offers the largest collection of full-length cDNA clones. To reduce the cost-barrier and to offer researchers with high quality clones, we now offer the lowest price guaranteed. If you find a lower price, we will price match all eligible cDNA clones with approved purchases.

Price Match Policy

The price match will be in effect for all orders placed between now until December 31, 2018. This offer cannot be combined with any other GeneCopoeia promotions, and will not be applied retroactively. GeneCopoeia reserves the right to interpret this policy, including but not limited to what constitutes an eligible cDNA clone purchase.

How do I get the Lowest Price?

  1. Submit a request to Please provide the competitors current quote with the source clearly stated.
  2. Obtain a GeneCopoeia official quote from the technical support or sales teams confirming the price match.
  3. Place an order using the GeneCopoeia quote number to get the discounted price.
  • When placing an online or email order, enter the quote number in the memo section

How do I know if I'm Eligible? 

  • Obtain an approved GeneCopoeia Lowest Price Quote before the time of purchase.
  • Only commercial clones offered in the US will be considered for comparison.
  • The comparable clone must be in an expression vector including but not limited to mammalian, lentiviral and bacterial expression vectors. The clone tag, gene name, selection marker and promoter must be equivalent to the GeneCopoeia clone of interest. 
  • Eligibility only applies to plasmids, not viral particles.