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Tracing Cell Proliferation by Generation after Generation

Tracing cell division using a fluorescent label allows scientists to detect and quantify cell proliferation through multiple generations (Figure 1). Our Cell-ID™ Cell Proliferation Kits (Table 1) contain specially designed fluorescent labels, which can easily cross the plasma membrane and covalently label with protein inside cells without affecting morphology or physiology. During cell division, the fluorescent label is divided evenly between two daughter cells. Based on the fluorescence intensity, the proliferating cells can be easily detected up to 6 to 10 generations, even after several days in a cell culture environment or following fixation (Figure 2).
Our Cell-ID™ Cell Proliferation Kits can be adapted to multicolor flow cytometry analysis to precisely tracing cell proliferation while performing other cell analysis using different color panel. In addition, the fluorescent labels in our Cell-ID™ Cell Proliferation Kits can be excited with the most common excitation sources for flow cytometry: the 405, and 488 nm laser, respectively.

Figure 1. Cell proliferation analysis with even partition of dye between daughter cells. (A) Illustration of proliferation analysis by dye dilution. (B) Illustration of flow cytometric analysis by cell divisions result in increase in cell population and decrease in fluorescence intensity.

Figure 2. Cell generation analysis with CFSE (Left) and Violet dye (Right). Jurkat cells (~1×106 cells/ml) were stained with CFSE or Violet dye (1 μM) on Day 0. The cells were cultured for 7 days. Fluorescence intensity was measured with FACS flow cytometer.

Table 1. Selection Guide for Cell-ID™ Cell Proliferation Kit

Cat. No. Product Name Laser Type Ex/Em (nm) Unit
A001 Cell-ID™ CFSE Cell Proliferation Kit Blue 490/517 1000 assays