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Product ID HTF219009
Gene Symbol OR2H2 
Gene Alias FAT11|OLFR2|OLFR42B|OR2H3|dJ271M21.2|hs6M1-12 
Description Homo sapiens olfactory receptor family 2 subfamily H member 2 (OR2H2), mRNA. 
Accession # Primary:NM_007160.3
Other related: NT_007592, NC_000006, CH471081, BX927223, BX000688, AF211940, AB065965, NW_001838980, NT_167247, NT_167246, NT_167244, NT_113891, CR788300, CR759870, CR759766, BK004225, AL662826, AF211942, AF211941, AF211939, BC112176, BC101683, BC069146, AJ459839, AJ459832, AJ459831, NT_167248, NT_167245, AL645936, AL031983, AF399631, AC_000138, EU446925,
CDS and Encoded Protein Information of the Target gene
Transcript Length 1063 (see transcript
CDS length 939 (see ORF
CDS start 40
CDS end 978
Peptide Length 312 (see peptide)
General Gene Information and Literature Links
Entrez Gene ID 7932 
UniGene 529493 
Protein AAB36567.1AAF98751.1AAF98752.1AAF98753.1AAF98754.1AAH69146.1AAI01684.1AAI12177.1AAK95116.1ABZ92454.1BAC06177.1CAA21455.1CAI18602.1CAQ09876.1DAA04623.1EAX03204.1NP_009091.3O95918.2
GeneCard OR2H2 
Chromosomal Position 6p21.3 
Homologene 7932[GeneId] 
SNP_Ref 7932 
OMIM 600578 
PubMed 108807421128296712213199124779321263754214574404149830521548933417971048198331591985144576651588662070,