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Product ID HQP091209
Gene Symbol UGT2A1 
Gene Alias UDPGT2A1 
Description Homo sapiens UDP glucuronosyltransferase family 2 member A1 complex locus (UGT2A1), transcript variant 2, mRNA. 
Accession # Primary:NM_001252274.2
Other related: NC_000004, CH471057, AC_000136, NM_001252275, BC157012, AK304249, AC093829, NM_001252274, CD105882, BC156239, BC142640, AK314209, NW_001838914, NT_022778, BE463677,
CDS and Encoded Protein Information of the Target gene
Transcript Length 3153 (see transcript
CDS length 2082 (see ORF
CDS start 117
CDS end 2198
Peptide Length 693 (see peptide)
General Gene Information and Literature Links
Entrez Gene ID 10941 
UniGene 225950 
Protein AAI56240.1AAI57013.1BAG65116.1CAB41974.1EAX05593.1EAX05594.1NP_001239203.1NP_001239204.1NP_006789.2Q9Y4X1.2
UniProt Q9Y4X1 
GeneCard UGT2A1 
Chromosomal Position 4q13.3 
Homologene 10941[GeneId] 
SNP_Ref 10941 
OMIM 604716 
PubMed 1035967110748067111794321137685912376738124779321614179319343046198587811989848221164388,