Human Gene Features  [ORF/cDNA Clones Available in 80 Vector Systems]

Product ID W2767
Gene Symbol ZCCHC8 
Gene Alias  
Description Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ14796 fis, clone NT2RP4001235. 
Accession # Primary:AK027702
Other related: NW_001838064, CH471054, AC_000144, NM_017612, DB456426, AK307318, AK074638, AK026831, AC127002, BE048845, BC065918, BC017704, AL157433, AK291174, NT_009755, NC_000012, AA447641,
CDS and Encoded Protein Information
Transcript Length 2603 (see transcript
CDS length 2124 (see ORF
CDS start 103
CDS end 2226
Peptide Length 707 (see peptide)
General Gene Information and Literature Links
Entrez Gene ID 55596 
UniGene 37706 
Protein AAH17704.2AAH65918.1BAB55308.1BAC11105.1BAF83863.1CAB75657.1EAW98325.1EAW98326.1NP_060082.2Q6NZY4.2
UniProt Q96SK7 
GeneCard ZCCHC8 
Chromosomal Position 12q24.31 
Homologene 55596[GeneId] 
SNP_Ref 55596 
PubMed 1199163812477932147020391523174815302935154893341626308416964243175253321802934819156129211390482189047322586326,