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Accession Symbol Alias Species Target Gene Description Product ID
NM_024013.2 IFNA1 IFL, IFN, IFN-ALPHA, IFN-alphaD, IFNA13, IFNA@ Human interferon alpha 1 HTF267206
NM_021268.2 IFNA17 IFN-alphaI, IFNA, INFA, LEIF2C1 Human interferon alpha 17 HTF300797
NM_000605.3 IFNA2 IFN-alphaA, IFNA, IFNA2B, INFA2 Human interferon alpha 2 HTF300771
NM_021057.2 IFNA7 IFN-alphaJ, IFNA-J Human interferon alpha 7 HTF209430

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