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Accession Symbol Alias Species Target Gene Description Product ID
NM_012938.1 Ctse CEA, CEB, Ctsea Rat cathepsin E RQP049256
NM_148964.2 CTSE CATE Human cathepsin E HQP093895
NM_001317331.1 CTSE CATE Human cathepsin E HQP093893
NM_007799.3 Ctse A430072O03Rik, C920004C08Rik, CE, CatE Mouse cathepsin E MQP026885
NM_001910.3 CTSE CATE Human cathepsin E HQP093894

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Important Note: By default, qPCR primer pairs are designed to measure the expression level of the splice variant (accession number) you selected for this gene WITHOUT consideration of other possible variants of this gene. If this gene has multiple variants, and you would like to measure the expression levels of one particular variant, multiple variants, or all variants, please contact us for a custom service project at