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Precursor Name Precursor Accession Description Precursors
Product ID
Product ID
qPCR primers
Product ID
hsa-mir-142 MI0000458 Homo sapiens miR-142 stem-loop HmiR0282 HmiR-AN0185,HmiR-AN0186 HmiRQP0185,HmiRQP0186
hsa-mir-376b MI0002466 Homo sapiens miR-376b stem-loop HmiR0229 HmiR-AN0469,HmiR-AN3206 HmiRQP0469,HmiRQP3206
hsa-mir-376c MI0000776 Homo sapiens miR-376c stem-loop HmiR0227 HmiR-AN0470,HmiR-AN3111 HmiRQP0470,HmiRQP3111
hsa-mir-429 MI0001641 Homo sapiens miR-429 stem-loop HmiR0003 HmiR-AN0497 HmiRQP0497
hsa-mir-449a MI0001648 Homo sapiens miR-449a stem-loop HmiR0079 HmiR-AN0504 HmiRQP0504
hsa-mir-495 MI0003135 Homo sapiens miR-495 stem-loop HmiR0226 HmiR-AN0537,HmiR-AN3211 HmiRQP0537,HmiRQP3211
hsa-mir-502 MI0003186 Homo sapiens miR-502 stem-loop HmiR0377 HmiR-AN0549,HmiR-AN0548 HmiRQP0549,HmiRQP0548
hsa-mir-518d MI0003171 Homo sapiens miR-518d stem-loop HmiR0337 HmiR-AN0584,HmiR-AN0612 HmiRQP0584,HmiRQP0612
hsa-mir-553 MI0003558 Homo sapiens miR-553 stem-loop HmiR0012 HmiR-AN0653 HmiRQP0653
hsa-mir-582 MI0003589 Homo sapiens miR-582 stem-loop HmiR0081 HmiR-AN0684,HmiR-AN0683 HmiRQP0684,HmiRQP0683

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