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Precursor Name Precursor Accession Description Precursors
Product ID
Product ID
qPCR primers
Product ID
hsa-mir-139 MI0000261 Homo sapiens miR-139 stem-loop HmiR0174 HmiR-AN3046,HmiR-AN3047 HmiRQP3046,HmiRQP3047
hsa-mir-510 MI0003197 Homo sapiens miR-510 stem-loop HmiR0404 HmiR-AN0561,HmiR-AN3220 HmiRQP0561,HmiRQP3220
hsa-mir-651 MI0003666 Homo sapiens miR-651 stem-loop HmiR0368 HmiR-AN0761,HmiR-AN3267 HmiRQP0761,HmiRQP3267

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