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Precursor Name Precursor Accession Description Precursors
Product ID
Product ID
qPCR primers
Product ID
hsa-mir-338 MI0000814 Homo sapiens miR-338 stem-loop HmiR0290 HmiR-AN0426,HmiR-AN0425 HmiRQP0426,HmiRQP0425
hsa-mir-346 MI0000826 Homo sapiens miR-346 stem-loop HmiR0160 HmiR-AN0438 HmiRQP0438
hsa-mir-492 MI0003131 Homo sapiens miR-492 stem-loop HmiR0191 HmiR-AN0533 HmiRQP0533
hsa-mir-502 MI0003186 Homo sapiens miR-502 stem-loop HmiR0377 HmiR-AN0549,HmiR-AN0548 HmiRQP0549,HmiRQP0548
hsa-mir-509-1 MI0003196 Homo sapiens miR-509-1 stem-loop HmiR0403 HmiR-AN0559,HmiR-AN0558 HmiRQP0559,HmiRQP0558
hsa-mir-509-2 MI0005530 Homo sapiens miR-509-2 stem-loop HmiR0494 HmiR-AN0559,HmiR-AN0558 HmiRQP0559,HmiRQP0558
hsa-mir-509-3 MI0005717 Homo sapiens miR-509-3 stem-loop HmiR0526 HmiR-AN0559,HmiR-AN0560 HmiRQP0559,HmiRQP0560
hsa-mir-516a-1 MI0003180 Homo sapiens miR-516a-1 stem-loop HmiR0344 HmiR-AN0572,HmiR-AN0574 HmiRQP0572,HmiRQP0574
hsa-mir-516a-2 MI0003181 Homo sapiens miR-516a-2 stem-loop HmiR0452 HmiR-AN0572,HmiR-AN0574 HmiRQP0572,HmiRQP0574
hsa-mir-519d MI0003162 Homo sapiens miR-519d stem-loop HmiR0331 HmiR-AN0592,HmiR-AN3214 HmiRQP0592,HmiRQP3214

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