Pathogen Shigella flexneri Clones       [SARS coronavirus]

Accession: NC_004337
Definition: Shigella flexneri 2a str. 301 2a

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Accession Symbol Description Product ID
NP_707461 SF1580 IS2 ORF1 GC-SF0001
NP_708751 SF2977 hypothetical protein GC-SF0002
NP_708858 SF3087 IS4 ORF GC-SF0003
NP_706329 SF0380 hypothetical protein GC-SF0004
NP_706718 SF0792 putative D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase, fraction A; penicillin-binding protein 5 GC-SF0005
NP_707506 SF1630 hypothetical protein GC-SF0006
NP_708292 SF2495 hypothetical protein GC-SF0007
NP_708642 SF2863 IS911 ORF2 GC-SF0008
NP_709427 SF3687 hypothetical protein GC-SF0009
NP_707848 SF2010 IS2 ORF2 GC-SF0010
NP_706593 SF0665 hypothetical protein GC-SF0011
NP_705967 SF0008 hypothetical protein GC-SF0012
NP_706166 SF0211 hypothetical protein GC-SF0013
NP_706526 SF0591 hypothetical protein GC-SF0014
NP_709081 SF3325 ISSfl4 ORF1 GC-SF0015
NP_708778 SF3004 hypothetical protein GC-SF0016
NP_706413 SF0466 hypothetical protein GC-SF0017
NP_707103 SF1196 IS1 ORF2 GC-SF0018
NP_708786 SF3012 IS1 ORF2 GC-SF0020
NP_706163 SF0208 putative cytoplasmic protein GC-SF0021
NP_706158 SF0203 periplasmic chaperone of fimbral assembly machinery GC-SF0022
NP_709613 SF3884 hypothetical protein GC-SF0023
NP_709748 SF4024 putative transaldolase GC-SF0024
NP_707883 SF2047 putative integrase GC-SF0025
NP_706824 SF0901 hypothetical protein GC-SF0026
NP_706527 SF0592 hypothetical protein GC-SF0027
NP_707475 SF1597 hypothetical protein GC-SF0028
NP_709858 SF4143 putative IS1 encoded protein GC-SF0029
NP_710071 SF4362 hypothetical protein GC-SF0030
NP_709932 SF4220 putative IS1 encoded protein GC-SF0032
NP_708535 SF2751 putative IS1 encoded protein GC-SF0033
NP_709271 SF3521 putative IS1 encoded protein GC-SF0035
NP_708795 SF3024 putative class II aminotransferase GC-SF0036
NP_708721 SF2947 hypothetical protein GC-SF0037
NP_707868 SF2032 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0038
NP_708039 SF2224 hypothetical protein GC-SF0039
NP_708972 SF3212 hypothetical protein GC-SF0040
NP_708740 SF2966 hypothetical protein GC-SF0041
NP_707042 SF1131 putative integrase of prophage CP-933C GC-SF0042
NP_707255 SF1358 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0043
NP_707481 SF1603 hypothetical protein GC-SF0044
NP_706202 SF0248 hypothetical protein GC-SF0045
NP_707882 SF2046 putative integrase GC-SF0046
NP_709692 SF3964 hypothetical protein GC-SF0047
NP_706256 SF0304 integrase GC-SF0048
NP_708294 SF2497 hypothetical protein GC-SF0049
NP_706162 SF0207 putative cytoplasmic protein GC-SF0050
NP_706796 SF0870 hypothetical protein GC-SF0051
NP_706217 SF0264 hypothetical protein GC-SF0052
NP_708748 SF2974 IS629 ORF2 GC-SF0053
NP_709675 SF3947 hypothetical protein GC-SF0054
NP_707927 SF2095 glycosyl transferase GC-SF0055
NP_707773 SF1927 hypothetical protein GC-SF0056
NP_708291 SF2494 hypothetical protein GC-SF0057
NP_708702 SF2928 hypothetical lipoprotein GC-SF0058
NP_707775 SF1929 hypothetical protein GC-SF0059
NP_708439 SF2650 hypothetical protein GC-SF0060
NP_708643 SF2864 IS911 ORF2 GC-SF0061
NP_706219 SF0266 putative Rhs-family protein GC-SF0062
NP_708413 SF2623 hypothetical protein GC-SF0063
NP_709865 SF4150 hypothetical protein GC-SF0064
NP_706859 SF0937 hypothetical protein GC-SF0065
NP_708024 SF2207 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0066
NP_708116 SF2305 hypothetical protein GC-SF0067
NP_708359 SF2566 ISSfl2 ORF GC-SF0068
NP_708326 SF2531 large subunit of hydrogenase 3 GC-SF0069
NP_708644 SF2865 hypothetical protein GC-SF0070
NP_708440 SF2651 IS4 ORF GC-SF0071
NP_708943 SF3183 IS2 ORF2 GC-SF0072
NP_707564 SF1693 iso-IS10R ORF GC-SF0073
NP_709022 SF3265 hypothetical protein GC-SF0074
NP_708357 SF2564 nucleoside diphosphate kinase GC-SF0075
NP_707241 SF1344 similar to chromosome replication protein DnaC GC-SF0077
NP_707698 SF1844 IS629 ORF2 GC-SF0078
NP_707766 SF1919 IS629 ORF2 GC-SF0079
NP_707137 SF1231 hypothetical protein GC-SF0080
NP_707102 SF1195 hypothetical protein GC-SF0081
NP_706246 SF0294 putative phage integrase GC-SF0082
NP_708934 SF3172 N-acetylglucosamine-6-phosphate deacetylase GC-SF0083
NP_708409 SF2619 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0084
NP_707863 SF2027 hypothetical protein GC-SF0085
NP_707900 SF2066 hypothetical protein GC-SF0086
NP_706216 SF0263 hypothetical protein GC-SF0087
NP_706630 SF0702 head-tail preconnector gp5 GC-SF0088
NP_707482 SF1604 putative integrase GC-SF0089
NP_709062 SF3305 putative transport system permease protein GC-SF0090
NP_708230 SF2426 putative integrase GC-SF0091
NP_706088 SF0132 hypothetical protein GC-SF0092
NP_706410 SF0463 hypothetical protein GC-SF0093
NP_706968 SF1053 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0094
NP_710084 SF4375 hypothetical protein GC-SF0095
NP_706604 SF0676 hypothetical protein GC-SF0096
NP_709261 SF3510 hypothetical protein GC-SF0097
NP_709258 SF3507 hypothetical protein GC-SF0098
NP_708404 SF2614 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0099
NP_709896 SF4186 IS2 ORF2 GC-SF0100
NP_706599 SF0671 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0101
NP_706900 SF0979 Hydrogenase-1 operon protein GC-SF0102
NP_708293 SF2496 hypothetical protein GC-SF0103
NP_709283 SF3534 hypothetical protein GC-SF0104
NP_707480 SF1602 hypothetical protein GC-SF0105
NP_706197 SF0243 hypothetical protein GC-SF0106
NP_707754 SF1906 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0107
NP_708722 SF2948 hypothetical protein GC-SF0108
NP_707479 SF1601 hypothetical protein GC-SF0109
NP_708360 SF2567 ISSfl2 ORF GC-SF0110
NP_706627 SF0699 putative DNA packaging protein of prophage CP-933R; terminase large subunit GC-SF0111
NP_708408 SF2618 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0112
NP_708783 SF3009 hypothetical protein GC-SF0113
NP_707320 SF1427 putative repressor protein GC-SF0114
NP_707277 SF1381 ISSfl4 ORF1 GC-SF0115
NP_706268 SF0316 hypothetical protein GC-SF0116
NP_708233 SF2429 IS4 ORF GC-SF0117
NP_706618 SF0690 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0118
NP_707276 SF1380 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0119
NP_706528 SF0593 putative Rhs-family protein GC-SF0120
NP_706808 SF0883 putative exodeoxyribonuclease VIII of prophage CP-933R GC-SF0121
NP_706263 SF0311 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0122
NP_708412 SF2622 hypothetical protein GC-SF0123
NP_707246 SF1349 hypothetical protein GC-SF0124
NP_708503 SF2718 hypothetical protein GC-SF0125
NP_709465 SF3726 putative fimbrial protein GC-SF0126
NP_706602 SF0674 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0127
NP_707667 SF1807 hypothetical protein GC-SF0128
NP_707563 SF1692 iso-IS10R ORF GC-SF0129
NP_709992 SF4281 hypothetical protein GC-SF0130
NP_708899 SF3134 hypothetical protein GC-SF0131
NP_708640 SF2861 hypothetical protein GC-SF0132
NP_706474 SF0537 putative integrase encoded by prophage CP-933K; partial GC-SF0133
NP_709459 SF3720 similar to serine protease GC-SF0134
NP_709260 SF3509 hypothetical protein GC-SF0135
NP_709259 SF3508 hypothetical protein GC-SF0136
NP_706975 SF1060 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0137
NP_708290 SF2493 hypothetical protein GC-SF0138
NP_708760 SF2986 hypothetical protein GC-SF0139
NP_707753 SF1905 hypothetical bacteriophage protein GC-SF0140
NP_708800 SF3029 hypothetical protein GC-SF0141
NP_707476 SF1598 putative anaerobic dimethyl sulfoxide reductase subunit A GC-SF0142
NP_709536 SF3803 putative secreted autotransporter toxin GC-SF0143
NP_708402 SF2612 putative tail fiber protein GC-SF0144
NP_706170 SF0215 putative terminase large subunit GC-SF0145
NP_710078 SF4369 L-lactate permease GC-SF0146
NP_709993 SF4282 hypothetical protein GC-SF0147
NP_707626 SF1762 nitrate reductase 1, beta subunit GC-SF0148
NP_709341 SF3597 acriflavine resistance protein GC-SF0149
NP_706805 SF0880 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0150
NP_709452 SF3713 hypothetical protein GC-SF0151
NP_707268 SF1372 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0152
NP_706221 SF0268 putative Rhs-family protein GC-SF0153
NP_709537 SF3804 similar to serine protease GC-SF0154
NP_708559 SF2777 hypothetical protein GC-SF0155
NP_708569 SF2788 hypothetical protein GC-SF0156
NP_707486 SF1607 putative anaerobic dimethyl sulfoxide reductase subunit A GC-SF0157
NP_707088 SF1180 invasion plasmid antigen GC-SF0158
NP_706261 SF0309 hypothetical protein GC-SF0159
NP_708798 SF3027 hypothetical protein GC-SF0160
NP_708407 SF2617 putative tail fiber protein GC-SF0161
NP_708797 SF3026 hypothetical protein GC-SF0162
NP_709262 SF3511 hypothetical protein GC-SF0163
NP_709380 SF3640 hypothetical protein GC-SF0164
NP_707485 SF1608 putative integrase GC-SF0165
NP_706267 SF0315 hypothetical protein GC-SF0166
NP_709614 SF3885 hypothetical protein GC-SF0167
NP_706628 SF0700 putative DNA packaging protein of prophage CP-933R; terminase large subunit GC-SF0168
NP_706180 SF0225 putative prophage DNA injection protein GC-SF0169
NP_707271 SF1375 putative exodeoxyribonuclease VIII GC-SF0170
NP_707046 SF1135 Bacteriophage P4 DNA primase GC-SF0171
NP_706610 SF0682 putative bacteriophage protein GC-SF0172
NP_709342 SF3598 acriflavine resistance protein GC-SF0173
NP_706529 SF0594 putative Rhs-family protein GC-SF0174
NP_709381 SF3641 hypothetical protein GC-SF0175