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Product ID: Mm33781 (click here to view gene annotation page)
Symbol: Ephx2
Accession: NM_001271403.1
ORF Length: 1611 bp
Alias: CEH, Eph2, SEH, sEP
Description: Mus musculus epoxide hydrolase 2, cytoplasmic (Ephx2), transcript variant 3, mRNA.
Note: This clone requires gene synthesis. If there’s any GC-rich region, repetitive sequence, or other complexity in this ORF sequence, the gene synthesis can be difficult and additional cost and time may be required for delivery.
Warning: Please note that the protein for this clone has been annotated or predicted in the UNIPROT database to have a signal peptide. Placing a tag at the N-terminus of this protein may result in loss of the signal peptide function.
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