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Product ID: GC-SF0138 (click here to view gene annotation page)
Symbol: SF2493
Accession: NP_708290
Description: hypothetical protein

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EX-GC-SF0138-Lv246 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv246
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv193 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP(monomeric) pReceiver-Lv193
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv188 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-eGFP pReceiver-Lv188
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv185 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv185
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv181 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xFlag pReceiver-Lv181
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv170 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-Myc pReceiver-Lv170
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv160 EF1a Lentiviral Neomycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv160
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv118 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-3xHA pReceiver-Lv118
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv117 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-3xHA pReceiver-Lv117
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv115 EF1a Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv115
EX-GC-SF0138-M99 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-mEOS3 pReceiver-M99
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv197 CMV Lentiviral Blasticidin Untagged pReceiver-Lv197
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv218 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin IRES2-Neomycin pReceiver-Lv218
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv219 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv219
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv245 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin cMyc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv245
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv244 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-Hygromycin pReceiver-Lv244
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv243 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-Flag-SV40-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv243
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv237 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv237
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv236 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv236
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv235 CAG Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv235
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv234 CAG Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-Lv234
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv233 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv233
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv222 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eCFP pReceiver-Lv222
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv221 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eYFP pReceiver-Lv221
EX-GC-SF0138-M97 EF1a Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP(monomeric) pReceiver-M97
EX-GC-SF0138-M95 CMV Mammalian Puromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-M95
EX-GC-SF0138-M94 EF1a Mammalian Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-M94
LPP-GC-SF0138-MR03 CMV Puromycin eGFP pEZX-MR03
LPP-GC-SF0138-MR02 CMV Puromycin mCherry pEZX-MR02
LPP-GC-SF0138-LvPM03 N/A Puromycin tdTomato pEZX-LvPM03
LPP-GC-SF0138-LvPM02 N/A Puromycin mCherry pEZX-LvPM02
LPP-GC-SF0138-LvPG04 N/A Puromycin Gaussia luciferase (GLuc),with Secreted alkaline phosphatase (SE pEZX-LvPG04
LPP-GC-SF0138-LvPG02 N/A Puromycin Gaussia luciferase (GLuc) pEZX-LvPG02
LPP-GC-SF0138-LvPF02 N/A Puromycin eGFP pEZX-LvPF02
EX-GC-SF0138-EB008 CAG 293 N/A IRES-eGFP pAdv-EB008
EX-GC-SF0138-EB007 CMV 293 N/A IRES-eGFP pAdv-EB007
EX-GC-SF0138-EB006 EF-1α 293 N/A 2A-eGFP pAdv-EB006
LPP-GC-SF0138-MR11 H1 Puromycin eGFP pEZX-MR11
LPP-GC-SF0138-AM03 H1 Hygromycin mCherry pEZX-AM03
LPP-GC-SF0138-AM04 U6 Hygromycin mCherry pEZX-AM04
EX-GC-SF0138-M93 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-M93
EX-GC-SF0138-M92 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-M92
EX-GC-SF0138-M91 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-3xHA-SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-M91
EX-GC-SF0138-M90 CMV Mammalian Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-M90
EX-GC-SF0138-M83 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES2-mCherry pReceiver-M83
EX-GC-SF0138-M73 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc-IRES2-mCherry pReceiver-M73
EX-GC-SF0138-M62 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Avi-IRES-Biotin ligase pReceiver-M62
EX-GC-SF0138-M37 CAG Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP pReceiver-M37
EX-GC-SF0138-M34 CAG Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag pReceiver-M34
LPP-GC-SF0138-AM04p U6 Puromycin mCherry pEZX-AM04p
EX-GC-SF0138-EB009 EF-1α 293 N/A IRES-eGFP pAdv-EB009
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv247 UBC Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv247
EX-GC-SF0138-EB005 CAG 293 N/A 2A-eGFP pAdv-EB005
EX-GC-SF0138-M39 CMV Mammalian Puromycin C-Flag pReceiver-M39
EX-GC-SF0138-AVE004 EF1a AAV N/A mCherry psi-AVE004
EX-GC-SF0138-AVE003 EF1a AAV N/A eGFP psi-AVE003
EX-GC-SF0138-AVE002 CMV AAV N/A mCherry psi-AVE002
EX-GC-SF0138-AVE001 CMV AAV N/A eGFP psi-AVE001
EX-GC-SF0138-LVE004 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin mCherry psi-LVE004
EX-GC-SF0138-LVE003 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin eGFP psi-LVE003
EX-GC-SF0138-LVE002 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin mCherry psi-LVE002
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv241 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-Puromycin pReceiver-Lv241
EX-GC-SF0138-LVE001 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin eGFP psi-LVE001
EX-GC-SF0138-AV18 MCK AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV18
EX-GC-SF0138-AV24 MBP AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV24
EX-GC-SF0138-AV33 ALB AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV33
EX-GC-SF0138-EB004 CMV 293 N/A 2A-eGFP pAdv-EB004
EX-GC-SF0138-EB003 EF-1α 293 N/A Untagged pAdv-EB003
EX-GC-SF0138-EB002 CAG 293 N/A Untagged pAdv-EB002
EX-GC-SF0138-EB001 CMV 293 N/A Untagged pAdv-EB001
EX-GC-SF0138-M35 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag pReceiver-M35
AA-GC-SF0138-AM07 U6 AAV Hygromycin mCherry pEZX-AM07
AA-GC-SF0138-AM06 H1 AAV Hygromycin mCherry pEZX-AM06
AA-GC-SF0138-MR15 CMV AAV Puromycin mCherry pEZX-MR15
AA-GC-SF0138-MR14 CMV AAV Puromycin eGFP pEZX-MR14
EX-GC-SF0138-L03 U6 Lentiviral Puromycin mCherry pCRISPR-LvSG03
EX-GC-SF0138-AV03 U6 AAV N/A Untagged psi-AV03
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6H U6 Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged psi-LVRU6H
EX-GC-SF0138-AV12 CAMKlla AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV12
EX-GC-SF0138-AV06 CBh AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV06
EX-GC-SF0138-AV04 CAG AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV04
EX-GC-SF0138-AV20 U6 AAV N/A Untagged pCRISPR-AV20
EX-GC-SF0138-AV02 EF-1α AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV02
EX-GC-SF0138-AV01 CMV AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV01
EX-GC-SF0138-AD01 U6 AAV N/A Untagged pCRISPR-AD01
EX-GC-SF0138-AV13 hSYN AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV13
EX-GC-SF0138-AV15 MHC AAV N/A Untagged pEZ-AV15
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1H H1 Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged psi-LVRH1H
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6MH U6 Lentiviral Hygromycin mCherry psi-LVRU6MH
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1MH H1 Lentiviral Hygromycin mCherry psi-LVRH1MH
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6GH U6 Lentiviral Hygromycin eGFP psi-LVRU6GH
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1GH H1 Lentiviral Hygromycin eGFP psi-LVRH1GH
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6P U6 Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged psi-LVRU6P
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1P H1 Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged psi-LVRH1P
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6MP U6 Lentiviral Puromycin mCherry psi-LVRU6MP
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1MP H1 Lentiviral Puromycin mCherry psi-LVRH1MP
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRU6GP U6 Lentiviral Puromycin eGFP psi-LVRU6GP
EX-GC-SF0138-LVRH1GP H1 Lentiviral Puromycin eGFP psi-LVRH1GP
DC-GC-SF0138-SH01 CMV copGFP Puromycin Untagged pDonor-SH01
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv105 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv105
GC-GC-SF0138 N/A Gateway PLUS shuttle N/A Untagged pShuttle™
DC-GC-SF0138-SH02 CMV copGFP Puromycin Untagged pDonor-SH02
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv151 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv151
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv152 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv152
DC-GC-SF0138-SH03 CMV eGFP Puromycin C-monomeric eGFP pDonor-SH03
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv153 CMV Lentiviral N/A Untagged pReceiver-Lv153
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv156 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-Lv156
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv186 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-3xHA pReceiver-Lv186
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv157 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-3xHA pReceiver-Lv157
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv120 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-3xHA pReceiver-Lv120
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv108 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Avi pReceiver-Lv108
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv124 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi pReceiver-Lv124
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv242 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Avi-FLAG pReceiver-Lv242
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv154 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eCFP pReceiver-Lv154
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv127 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eCFP pReceiver-Lv127
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv109 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eCFP pReceiver-Lv109
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv103 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eGFP pReceiver-Lv103
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv122 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eGFP pReceiver-Lv122
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv182 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-eGFP pReceiver-Lv182
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv183 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-eGFP pReceiver-Lv183
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv189 CMV Lentiviral N/A N-eGFP pReceiver-Lv189
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv123 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-eYFP pReceiver-Lv123
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv104 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-eYFP pReceiver-Lv104
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv187 CMV Lentiviral N/A C-FLAG pReceiver-Lv187
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv101 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin N-Flag pReceiver-Lv101
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv102 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Flag pReceiver-Lv102
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv158 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-FLAG pReceiver-Lv158
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv203 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv203
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv216 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Flag-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv216
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv129 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-HaloTag pReceiver-Lv129
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv110 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-HaloTag pReceiver-Lv110
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv211 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin C-HaloTag-IRES-hygromycin pReceiver-Lv211
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv128 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-His pReceiver-Lv128
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv215 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-Lv215
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv205 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv205
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv220 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin IRES2-Hygromycin pReceiver-Lv220
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv214 CMV Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mCherry pReceiver-Lv214
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv213 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mCherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv213
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv111 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-mCherry pReceiver-Lv111
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv130 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-mCherry pReceiver-Lv130
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv155 CMV Lentiviral Neomycin C-mCherry pReceiver-Lv155
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv107 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin N-Myc pReceiver-Lv107
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv125 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc pReceiver-Lv125
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv126 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-His pReceiver-Lv126
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv202 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv202
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv204 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin C-Myc-SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv204
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv207 CMV Lentiviral Hygromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-hygromycin pReceiver-Lv207
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv201 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv201
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv217 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-hLUC-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv217
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv206 CMV Lentiviral Puromycin SV40-mCherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv206
EX-GC-SF0138-B01 T7 Bacterial N/A N-His pReceiver-B01
EX-GC-SF0138-B31 T7 Bacterial N/A C-His pReceiver-B31
EX-GC-SF0138-B02 T7 Bacterial N/A Untagged pReceiver-B02
EX-GC-SF0138-B03 T7 Bacterial N/A N-GST pReceiver-B03
EX-GC-SF0138-B04 T7 Bacterial N/A N-GST pReceiver-B04
EX-GC-SF0138-B05 Tac Bacterial N/A N-GST pReceiver-B05
EX-GC-SF0138-B06 Tac Bacterial N/A N-GST pReceiver-B06
EX-GC-SF0138-B07 Tac Bacterial N/A N-MBP pReceiver-B07
EX-GC-SF0138-B08 Tac Bacterial N/A N-MBP pReceiver-B08
EX-GC-SF0138-B09 T7 Bacterial N/A N-Avi pReceiver-B09
EX-GC-SF0138-B10 Tac Bacterial N/A N-Flag pReceiver-B10
EX-GC-SF0138-B11 Tac Bacterial N/A N-His pReceiver-B11
EX-GC-SF0138-B12 Tac Bacterial N/A His-SUMO pReceiver-B12
EX-GC-SF0138-B13 T7 Bacterial N/A His-SUMO pReceiver-B13
EX-GC-SF0138-B14 T7 Bacterial N/A N-SNAP pReceiver-B14
EX-GC-SF0138-B80 T7 Bacterial N/A N-HaloTag pReceiver-B80
EX-GC-SF0138-Y01 GAL1 Yeast N/A C-His pReceiver-Y01
EX-GC-SF0138-YAD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4AD pReceiver-YAD
EX-GC-SF0138-YBD pADH Yeast N/A GAL4DB pReceiver-YBD
EX-GC-SF0138-I01 AcMNPV polyhedrin Insect cell N/A N-His pReceiver-I01
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv31 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A IRES-eGFP pReceiver-Lv31
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv32 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A C-3xHA + IRES-eGFP pReceiver-Lv32
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv33 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A C-Flag + IRES-eGFP pReceiver-Lv33
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv43 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A C-Myc+ IRES-eGFP pReceiver-Lv43
EX-GC-SF0138-M47 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc+ IRES-eGFP pReceiver-M47
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv69 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A C-Myc+IRES-mCherry pReceiver-Lv69
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv44 CMV Stem/primary cell N/A C-Myc+ IRES-eYFP pReceiver-Lv44
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv74 CMV Stem/primary cell Neomycin C-SNAP pReceiver-Lv74
EX-GC-SF0138-M77 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His pReceiver-M77
EX-GC-SF0138-M51 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-His+IRES-eGFP pReceiver-M51
EX-GC-SF0138-M01 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-His pReceiver-M01
EX-GC-SF0138-M02 CMV Mammalian Neomycin Untagged pReceiver-M02
EX-GC-SF0138-M68 CMV Mammalian Puromycin Untagged pReceiver-M68
EX-GC-SF0138-M67 CMV Mammalian Hygromycin Untagged pReceiver-M67
EX-GC-SF0138-M29 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eGFP pReceiver-M29
EX-GC-SF0138-M03 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP pReceiver-M03
EX-GC-SF0138-M98 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eGFP(monomeric) pReceiver-M98
EX-GC-SF0138-M15 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eYFP pReceiver-M15
EX-GC-SF0138-M16 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eYFP pReceiver-M16
EX-GC-SF0138-M32 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-eCFP pReceiver-M32
EX-GC-SF0138-M33 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-eCFP pReceiver-M33
EX-GC-SF0138-M04 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-GST pReceiver-M04
EX-GC-SF0138-M05 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi pReceiver-M05
EX-GC-SF0138-M48 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Avi+IRES-Biotin ligase pReceiver-M48
EX-GC-SF0138-M17 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Avi pReceiver-M17
EX-GC-SF0138-M06 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3xHA pReceiver-M06
EX-GC-SF0138-M07 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA pReceiver-M07
EX-GC-SF0138-M08 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA-His pReceiver-M08
EX-GC-SF0138-M45 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3xHA+IRES-eGFP pReceiver-M45
EX-GC-SF0138-M43 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Myc pReceiver-M43
EX-GC-SF0138-M09 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc pReceiver-M09
EX-GC-SF0138-M10 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc-His pReceiver-M10
EX-GC-SF0138-M72 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Myc+IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-M72
EX-GC-SF0138-M11 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-Flag pReceiver-M11
EX-GC-SF0138-M12 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-3XFlag pReceiver-M12
EX-GC-SF0138-M13 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag pReceiver-M13
EX-GC-SF0138-M46 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-Flag+IRES-eGFP pReceiver-M46
EX-GC-SF0138-M14 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-3XFlag pReceiver-M14
EX-GC-SF0138-M24 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-SNAP pReceiver-M24
EX-GC-SF0138-M26 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-SNAP pReceiver-M26
EX-GC-SF0138-M49 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-HaloTag pReceiver-M49
EX-GC-SF0138-M50 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-HaloTag pReceiver-M50
EX-GC-SF0138-M55 CMV Mammalian Neomycin N-mCherry pReceiver-M55
EX-GC-SF0138-M56 CMV Mammalian Neomycin C-mCherry pReceiver-M56
EX-GC-SF0138-M61 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-M61
EX-GC-SF0138-M60 CMV Mammalian Neomycin IRES-eGFP pReceiver-M60
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv165 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-Lv165
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv166 EF1a Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mcherry pReceiver-Lv166
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv224 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv224
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv225 EF1a Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv225
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv228 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-eGFP pReceiver-Lv228
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv229 PGK Lentiviral N/A IRES2-mcherry pReceiver-Lv229
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv230 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-mcherry-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv230
EX-GC-SF0138-Lv231 PGK Lentiviral Puromycin IRES2-eGFP-IRES-puromycin pReceiver-Lv231
GC-GC-SF0138-CF N/A Gateway PLUS shuttle
(no stop codon)
N/A Untagged pShuttle ™
EX-GC-SF0138-LX304 CMV Lentiviral (ORFeome) Blasticidin C-V5 pLX304