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Product ID: MTF230813(click here to view gene annotation page)
Symbol: Ankrd1
Species: Mouse
Target Gene Accession: NM_013468.3
Alias: Alrp, CARP, Crap, MARP1
Gene Description: ankyrin repeat domain 1 (cardiac muscle)
Delivery format: 10 μg purified plasmid
Estimated Delivery:  Approximately 2-3 weeks, but may vary. Please email or call 301-762-0888 to confirm ETA.
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TALE-TF clones

Buy Catalog# Description Number of target sites Selection marker Reporter gene Vector
MTF230813-1 1 × TALE-TF expression clone targeting Ankrd1 (NM_013468.3) 1 Hygro eGFP pTALE-TF-01
MTF230813-3 3 × TALE-TF expression clones targeting Ankrd1 (NM_013468.3) Set of 3 Hygro eGFP pTALE-TF-01
MTF230813-6 6 × TALE-TF expression clones targeting Ankrd1 (NM_013468.3) Set of 6 Hygro eGFP pTALE-TF-01

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TALE-TF control clone

Buy Catalog# Product Selection Marker Reporter Gene Price
CTR001-TF-01 Scrambled control for TALE-TF Hygro N/A inquire



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