Validated All-in-One™ qPCR Primer for DHCR7(NM_001360.2) [Search again]

Catalog#: HQP004307(click here to view gene annotation page)
Symbol: DHCR7
Species: Human
Target Gene Accession: NM_001360.2
Alias: SLOS
Gene Description: 7-dehydrocholesterol reductase
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HQP004307 All-in-One™ qPCR Primer for NM_001360.2 (200 reactions) DHCR7 inquire
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HQP015171 All-in-One™ qPCR Primer for NM_004048.3 (200 reactions) Reference Gene B2M inquire
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Validated result:

AMP Melt
Figure: All-in-One™ qPCR Primer Validated result to DHCR7.

Each All-in-One™ qPCR Primer is experimentally validated to yield a single dissociation curve peak and to generate a single amplification of the correct size for the targeted gene. A cDNA Pool, containing reverse transcript products of 8 different human tissue total RNA(Liver, Testis,Muscle,Thyroid,Brain,Spleen,Stomach,Small Intestine)),was used as the qPCR validation template. qPCR was performed using 0.2 µM primer with 2XAll-in-One™ qPCR Mix (Catalog#: QP001,QP002,QP004,QP005). Reactions were incubated for 10min. at 95°C, followed by 40 cycles of 95°C for 10 sec.; 60°C, 20 sec. and 72°C, 15sec. using Bio-Rad iQ5™ Instrument. At the end of the last cycle, temperature was increased from 72 to 95°C to produce a melting curve. Panel A: Validated Result for Amplification Curve; Panel B: Validated Result for Melting Curve.


The DHCR7 gene encodes delta-7-sterol reductase (EC, the penultimate enzyme of mammalian sterol biosynthesis that converts 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) to cholesterol. This enzyme removes the C(7-8) double bond introduced by the sterol delta8-delta7 isomerases. In addition, its role in drug-induced malformations is known: inhibitors of the last step of cholesterol biosynthesis such as AY9944 and BM15766 severely impair brain development (Moebius et al., 1998 [PubMed 9465114]).[supplied by OMIM].

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