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Product ID: MSH102613 (click here to view target gene annotation)
Symbol: Gm7932
Species: Mouse
Target Accession: NM_001358003.1
Alias: EG666105
Gene Description: predicted gene 7932
Product Description: Each set contains 3 shRNA expression constructs and 1 scrambled shRNA control. The hairpin consists of a 7 base loop and 19~29 base stem optimized for the specific gene sequence. The sequences of 19~29mer shRNAi will be delivered with shRNA clones.GeneCopoeia guarantees at least one of the three constructs will have a knockdown effect of 70% or more on corresponding gene expression level as determined by qRT-PCR, otherwise the constructs will be replaced one time free of charge.
Delivery format: 5 μg purified plasmid
Estimated Delivery: Approximately 3 weeks.

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Important Note: By default, shRNA clone constructs are designed to target the splice variant (accession number) you selected for this gene WITHOUT consideration of other possible variants of this gene. If this gene has multiple variants, and you would like to target one particular variant, multiple variants, or all variants, please contact us for a custom service project at

shRNA Clone sets against Mouse predicted gene 7932

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Buy Catalog# Scrambled control Promoter Selecting Marker Reporter Gene Vector Viral type
MSH102613-CH1 CSHCTR001-CH1 H1 Puromycin eGFP psi-H1 N/A
MSH102613-CU6 CSHCTR001-CU6 U6 Puromycin eGFP psi-U6 N/A
MSH102613-LVRH1GH CSHCTR001-LVRH1GH H1 Hygromycin eGFP psi-LVRH1GH HIV
MSH102613-LVRU6GH CSHCTR001-LVRU6GH U6 Hygromycin eGFP psi-LVRU6GH HIV
MSH102613-mH1 CSHCTR001-mH1 H1 Puromycin mCherry psi-mH1 N/A
MSH102613-mU6 CSHCTR001-mU6 U6 Puromycin mCherry psi-mU6 N/A
MSH102613-LVRH1MP CSHCTR001-LVRH1MP H1 Puromycin mCherry psi-LVRH1MP HIV
MSH102613-LVRH1MH CSHCTR001-LVRH1MH H1 Hygromycin mCherry psi-LVRH1MH HIV
MSH102613-LVRU6MP CSHCTR001-LVRU6MP U6 Puromycin mCherry psi-LVRU6MP HIV
MSH102613-LVRU6MH CSHCTR001-LVRU6MH U6 Hygromycin mCherry psi-LVRU6MH HIV
MSH102613-nH1 CSHCTR001-nH1 H1 Puromycin N/A psi-nH1 N/A
MSH102613-nU6 CSHCTR001-nU6 U6 Puromycin N/A psi-nU6 N/A
MSH102613-LVRH1P CSHCTR001-LVRH1P H1 Puromycin N/A psi-LVRH1P HIV
MSH102613-LVRH1H CSHCTR001-LVRH1H H1 Hygromycin N/A psi-LVRH1H HIV
MSH102613-LVRU6P CSHCTR001-LVRU6P U6 Puromycin N/A psi-LVRU6P HIV
MSH102613-LVRU6H CSHCTR001-LVRU6H U6 Hygromycin N/A psi-LVRU6H HIV