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Rheumatic Diseases Antigen Microarray

GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Rheumatic Diseases Antigen Microarray is a powerful tool for detection of antibodies associated with rheumatiod arthritis and other rheumatic diseases. The array carries up to 120 superior-quality purified proteins, spotted onto a solid support. In addition to this predesigned array, arrays containing customized sets of proteins are available, as well as array profiling services and data analysis.

GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Rheumatic Diseases Antigen Microarray is part of the GeneCopoeia OmicsArray™ Antigen Microarray family.

  • Multiplexing capable.  OmicsArray™ antigen microarrays can detect >120 antibodies at a time, compared with 1 antibody at a time for ELISA.
  • High throughput.  Each slide can process up to 16 samples in parallel.
  • High dynamic range.
  • Small sample volume. As little as 2 ul of serum is needed for detection.


Predesigned array

Predesigned antigen microarray

GeneCopoeia’s OmicsArray™ Rheumatic Diseases Antigen Microarray is a predesigned antigen microarray. A partial list of the antigens spotted on this array are indicated in Table 1, under "Product Details". Custom antigen microarrays are also available. To inquire about a custom antigen microarray, please contact

Product Details


Antigen Associated disease
TIF1 gamma Myositis
RNP/Sm Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
GBM Goodpasture's Syndrome
Ro/SS-A (52 kDa) Sjogrens Syndrome
Tissue transglutaminase (TTG) Celiac Disease
Intrinsic factor (IF) Pernicious Anemia
BCOADC-E2 Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
GP2 Crohn's Disease
LKM-1 Autoimmune Hepatitis
Insulinoma-associated (IA-2) Diabetes Mellitus
Collagen VI Muscular dystrophy
Vimentin Rheumatoid Arthritis
Aldolase A human (muscle) Diabetic retinopathy
Complement C1q Lupus nephritis
MPO ANCA Associated Diseases
Vitronectin Primary systemic vasculitis
Fibrinogen Chronic liver disease
ß2-Glycoprotein 1 (Apo H) Antiphospholipid Syndrome/ Thromboembolic Syndrome
U1-snRNP 68/70 kDa Mixed Connective Tissue Disease
B2 Glycoprotein I (B2GP1) Antiphospholipid Syndrome/ Thromboembolic Syndrome
PM/Scl100 Systemic Sclerosis/CREST Syndrome


Table 1. Partial list of proteins on GeneCopoeia's Rheumatic Diseases Antigen Microarray.