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Calcium Indicators


Intracellular Ca2+ plays a central role in cellular processes ranging from neuronal signaling and exocytosis to muscle contraction and bone formation. The fluorescent Ca2+ indicators have been widely used to study the role of Ca2+ in a specific cellular process.

GeneCopoeia has developed a number of calcium indicators to track Ca2+ concentrations with intense fluorescent signals and a range of wavelength options.

Calcium Indicators Selection Guide

Cat. No. Product Name Applic ation
C207 Fluo-2, AM Cell-permeant Ca2+ indicator, Kd: 230 nM, Ex/Em = 494/515 nm
C213, C214, C215 Fluo-3, AM Cell-permeant Ca2+ indicator, Kd: 390 nM, Ex/Em = 506/526 nm
C238 Coelenterazine

Bioluminescent substrate for luciferases, used for calcium detection and the monitoring of reporter genes.