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iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits


GeneCopoeia has developed a breakthrough antibody labeling technology with Andy Fluor™ dyes — iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits. With this technology, you only need to mix your antibody with Andy Fluor™ dye provided in the kit, and in 30 minutes you will have an optimally labeled Andy Fluor™ dye-antibody conjugate ready for immunostaining. The labeling technology provides unprecedented convenience for multicolor immunostaining, where pre-labeled primary antibodies may not be available, and indirect staining via pre-labeled fluorescent secondary antibodies may also be difficult due to cross-interaction among different antibodies.



  • Simple work-flow — Add, mix, and ready to use;
  • Fast — Covalently label your antibody in 30 min;
  • Multicolor — Many Andy Fluor™ dyes to choose;
  • Brightness — Use Andy Fluor™ dyes for brighter conjugate;
  • Photostability — Use Andy Fluor™ dyes for highly photostable conjugate.

iLink Antibody Labeling Kit Selection Guide

Fluorophore Ex/Em (nm) Imaging Flow cytometry Cat. No.
Biotin   L020
FITC 495/518 L021
Andy Fluor™ 350 350/440   L022
Andy Fluor™ 405M 405/450 L023
Andy Fluor™ 488 495/520 L024
Andy Fluor™ 555 553/565   L025
Andy Fluor™ 568 578/602   L026
Andy Fluor™ 594 590/615   L027
Andy Fluor™ 647 650/666 L028

How iLink™ Antibody Labeling Kits work

The Antibody Labeling Kits utilize an amine-reactive Andy Fluor™ fluorophore to covalently attach the label to the IgG antibody of interest.  The Antibody Labeling Kits are optimized for labeling 50-100 µg of antibody per reaction, and contain everything you need to perform the conjugation. Simply mix your antibody with a vial of pre-measured Andy Fluor™ dye, biotin, or FITC, and wait for 30 minutes, you will have an optimally labeled antibody conjugate ready to be used in any immunofluorescence staining experiment.

Figure 1. Label your antibody in 30 minutes.