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DRAQ5™ Fluorescent Probe


DRAQ5™ Fluorescent Probe is a far-red DNA stain for live or fixed cells and easy multiplexing with other fluorophores, such as cells expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion proteins.

DRAQ5™ Fluorescent Probe is a far-red DNA stain for fluorescent cellular imaging applications with live or fixed cells. Because of its far-red excitation and emission, the DRAQ5 Stain can be multiplexed with many other fluorophores. It is commonly chosen to counterstain nuclei and measure DNA content in cell proliferation studies involving cells expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion proteins. DRAQ5 Fluorescent Probe is compatible with many existing protocols across a wide range of instrumentation platforms.

Excitation/Emission: 647/680 nm
Shipping Condition: Ambient
Storage Conditions: 2-8ºC, protect from light
Molecular Formula: C22H28N4O4
Molecular Weight: 412.49
CAS Number: 254098-36-7




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DRAQ5™ Fluorescent Probe (5 mM) 647/680 50 µL
200 µL
1 ml



Protocol (PDF): C056    


A novel cell permeant and far red-fluorescing DNA probe, DRAQ5, for blood cell discrimination by flow cytometry
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A novel deep red/low infrared fluorescent flow cytometric probe, DRAQ5, for the discrimination of intact nucleated cells in apoptotic cell populations
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Characteristics of a novel deep red/infrared fluorescent cell-permeant DNA probe, DRAQ5, in intact human cells analyzed by flow cytometry, confocal and multiphoton microscopy
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