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Cytoskeleton Stains




The cytoskeleton is an intracellular matrix that supports cell shape and function. The cytoskeleton of eukaryotes has three major components: microfilaments (made of the protein actin), intermediate filaments, and microtubules (made of the protein tubulin). The cytoskeleton plays important roles in organelle transport, cell division, motility, and signaling, making it central to both cell health and disease processes. GeneCopoeia offers a selection of phalloidin conjugates to label actin in fixed and permeabilized cells. Besides, GeneCopoeia has developed CellGlow™ reagents to label actin and tubulin in live cells with fluorescent proteins.


  • High selectivity with F-actin
  • Multicolor selection
  • Good photostability
  • Superior to antibody staining

Cytoskeleton Stains Selection Guide

Cat # Product Name Ex/Em (nm) Applications
C051T, C051 ActinBlue™ 350 stain 347/440 Actin labeling
C052T, C052 ActinGreen™ 488 stain 500/525 Actin labeling
C053T, C053 ActinOrange™ 555 stain 555/575 Actin labeling
C054T, C054 ActinRed™ 594 stain 590/614 Actin labeling
C055T, C055 ActinFarRed™ 647 stain 650/665 Actin labeling