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Cell Biology Reagents

Cell Biology is a broad-ranging field that focuses on the function and integrity of cellular organelles, the cytoskeleton, and chromosomes, and its tools are used to study cancers and other diseases. GeneCopoeia carries a wealth of products oriented toward Cell Biology. These products range from highly versatile chemiluminescent and fluorescent kits that efficiently detect specific cellular events, such as apoptosis and autophagy, fluorescent stains for specific cellular structures, such as mitochondria, and secondary antibodies labeled with our  AndyFluor™ fluorophores.



For detecting events in programmed cell death  that is often disrupted in cancer.


Cell Proliferation and Viability

For assessing cell health, or to detect actively-dividing cells.


Cell Structure Probes

Stains for specific detection of cellular organelles or structural components.


Secondary Antibodies

For indirect visualization of cellular components via binding to primary antibodies.


Ion Indicators

For tracking calcium and other ion concentrations with both spatial and temporal resolution.