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Caspase-3/7 Substrate: (Z-DEVD)2-R110


(Z-DEVD)2-R110 is a fluorogenic enzyme substrate of caspase-3/7 that is widely used for high-throughput assays. Peptides are covalently linked to each of the amino groups on rhodamine 110 (R110), which suppresses the fluorescence of the dye. When the peptides are cleaved by the caspase, the substrate is converted first to the fluorescent monoamide and then to R110, with a further increase in fluorescence. The substrate can be used to continuously measure enzyme activity in cell extracts and purified enzyme preparations using a fluorometer or fluorescence microplate reader.


Label: Rhodamine 110
Ex/Em: 500/520 nm
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Molecular Formula: C72H78N10O27
Molecular Weight: 1515.46
CAS Number:
Storage Conditions: -20 ℃, protect from light
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Caspase Substrate