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Biotin Derivatives


The interaction between biotin and avidin or streptavidin has been exploited for use in many protein and nucleic acid detection and purification methods. Because the biotin label is stable and small, it rarely interferes with the function of labeled molecules enabling the avidin-biotin interaction to be used for the development of robust and highly sensitive assays. The avidin-biotin detection system allows an almost unlimited number of primary detection reagents (i.e., antibodies, nucleic acid probes and ligands) to be easily captured, immobilized or detected with secondary detection reagents generated by modifying avidin or streptavidin.

Biotin Derivatives are employed in biotechnology as biotinylation reagents. Bioprobes offers many biotin reagents to facilitate biotinylation in the lab.

Figure 1. Application of biotin derivatives

Biotin Derivative Selection Guide

Cat. No. Product Name Application Unit Size
C403A Biotin-11-dUTP, 1 mM in TE buffer TUNEL, FISH 50 µL
C403B Biotin-11-dUTP, lyophilized powder TUNEL, FISH 50 nmol
C404A Biotin-11-UTP, 1 mM in TE buffer TUNEL, FISH 50 µL
C404B Biotin-11-UTP, lyophilized powder TUNEL, FISH 50 nmol
A031 Biotin-X Annexin V, 100 assays Apoptosis 25 µg
C303 Biotin Alkyne Click labeling 5 mg
C304 Biotin Azide Click labeling 5 mg
C330 Biotin DBCO Click labeling 1 mg
L020 iLink™ Biotin Antibody Labeling Kit Antibody labeling 3 labeling
B003 Biotin, SE Biotinylation reagent 100 mg
B004 Biotin-X, SE Biotinylation reagent 100 mg
B005 Biotin-XX, SE Biotinylation reagent 50 mg
B006 Biotin-PEG3, SE Biotinylation reagent 25 mg