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Did you know that you can track gene activation during cell differentiation with a promoter reporter clone? See when a specific gene is turned on by using one of GeneCopoeia's GLuc-ON™ promoter reporter clones. Transfect your undifferentiated cell population with a promoter reporter clone that drives GFP or mCherry expression. That's just one use for a promoter reporter clone!

Over 20,000 human promoter sequences and 18,000 mouse promoter sequences are available.
Up to 1.5 kb upstream and 0.2 kb downstream from the TSS is cloned into your vector of choice.
Custom services are available for your special promoter sequence
Other fluorescent proteins are available as well. Inquire today.

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 Available vectors
Vector Reporter gene Tracking gene Selection marker Vector type
pEZX-PF02 eGFP N/A Puromycin Non-viral
pEZX-LvPF02 eGFP N/A Puromycin HIV Lentiviral
pEZX-PM02 mCherry N/A Puromycin Non-viral
pEZX-LvPM02 mCherry N/A Puromycin HIV Lentiviral
pEZX-LvPM03 tdTomato N/A Puromycin HIV Lentiviral
pEZX-PG02 GLuc* N/A Puromycin Non-viral
pEZX-LvPG02 GLuc* N/A Puromycin HIV Lentiviral
pEZX-PG04 GLuc* SEAP** Puromycin Non-viral
pEZX-LvPG04 GLuc* SEAP** Puromycin HIV Lentiviral
*GLuc - Gaussia luciferase
**SEAP - Secreted alkaline phosphatase
Popular research genes
•   SOX2
•   COL1A1
•   FAK1
•   EGFR
•   CDH1
•   IL8
•   LGR5
•   CDKN2A
•   EIF4E
•   MIRN21
•   KLF4
•   POU5F1
•   MUC2
Secrete-Pair™ dual luminescence assay kit is the compatible assay kit for promoter reporter clones. The kit is designed to analyze the activities of Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) and Secreted Alkaline Phosphatase (SEAP) as a dual-reporter system without cell lysis.

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