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OmicsMate™ 服务

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Expression Clone Construction

In addition to the pre-made expression clones in several different expression vectors, we also offer more than a dozen expression vectors with different tags and features. These vectors are constructed to be compatible with our ORF shuttle clones. New ORF expression clones can be constructed in large numbers quickly. We offer service to construct such ORF expression clones using our ORF cDNA clone collection and various expression vectors.

New Gene Cloning

GeneCopoeia is fully committed to clone all human protein coding ORFs. We are also in the process of cloning and releasing ORF clones of mouse and rat genes. If you do not find human genes of your interest in our clone database and/or if you are interested in acquiring mouse or rat genes, please send in your inquiry ( and we will place them on high priority gene list and will notify you as soon as the clone(s) becomes available.

Protein Expression

Several thousands of E. coli expressed human proteins are available now. We also offer protein production and purification services using prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, in small or bulk quantities.

Lentiviral Particles Production

GenCopoeia carriess several ready-to-tranduce particles.You can find information about those along with how to order custom-made particles on the Lentifect webpage.

Domain Cloning and ORF-Fusion Clone Construction

Based on your need and request, we can add sequences to either 5' end or 3' end or both ends of ORF inserts of full length genes or the function domains to generate fusion protein(s), which makes these types of cDNA clones ideal for studies of gene/protein functions, cell localization, protein-protein interactions, target validation and drug screening.


By design, OmicsLink™ ORF expression clones can be used to produce cRNA which can in turn be used as substrate to generate small-interfering RNA by endoribonuclease (esiRNA) for protein coding region only to silence a specific gene in cell.

Custom Fragments of ORFs for DNA Array

We can save your time and cost by providing full length or partial domains of ORFs for DNA arrays.